The professional Palit VGA Holder strengthens the protection to your graphics card,
minimizing the risk of card bending and slot damage.

Supports up to two graphics cards
User-friendly design
  1. Thumb screws enable tool-less installation
  2. Rubber foot ensures no scratches to PC case
Height adjustable and easy assembly

- STEP-01 -

Choose the proper length of kits to assemble the VGA holder.

- STEP-02 -

Based on the major body, connect the kits end to end for installation.

- STEP-03 -

Mount the VGA holder on your graphics card with the tool-less (thumb) screw.

Notes: The screw holes are at the north or east side of the backplate. The number of screw holes varies depending on the models.

- STEP-04 -

Adjust the length of the major body through the tool-less (thumb) screw if necessary.

PS. For dual cards installation, use the supporting plate for extra reinforcement.

- Examples -

* Single card

* Dual cards

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